Waste-to-energy project at Australian Paper got supported by Federal and Victorian governments

Australia’s Federal and Victorian governments announced a AUD 5 million investment to support the development of a waste-to-energy project at Australian Paper.

Councillor Kellie O’Callaghan, Mayor of the Latrobe City Council, commented:

“The project would seek to embrace new technology and new thinking to investigate providing the paper manufacturer with an alternative energy source. The mill is the largest user of gas in Victoria but the current projection for gas prices has the potential to significantly increase operating costs. The waste-to-energy project is essential for long term sustainability. Australian Paper has been in discussion with Council for some time seeking support and engagement, particularly in understanding how waste streams are managed.

Council and Australian Paper have visited a number of sites to view other contemporary waste-to-energy projects to see how they are managed, how the resource is secured and to consider the large logistical task of moving a considerable volume of waste from point A to point B in an effective and efficient manner. This is yet another opportunity to utilise contemporary innovation and practice to reshape the way in which many of our traditional industries operate.  Investment in innovation like this – should the critical planning and pre-construction work be successful – could enable the development of a regional cluster structure for local bioenergy and biochemical production. Today’s announcement is a strong sign to our community that both the state and federal governments will consider innovative, adaptive technology to secure the long term health and viability of some of our largest employers.

We thank the governments for their bi-partisan support for this project and look forward to the results of the critical planning and pre-construction work.”

Earlier Australian Paper contracted Valmet to provide maintenance technical support at the Maryvale Mill in Victoria.

About Australian Paper:

The company is Australia’s largest manufacturer of fine papers for print and office applications and produces high-quality packaging papers. It is part of Nippon Paper Group that consists of approximately 180 affiliates and related companies. It employs over 1,400 Australians and supplies more than 600kt of product within Australia and world-wide.

Source: Woodbizforum