Voith introduced VForm hydrofoils for quality improvement of all paper grades

VForm at Schönfelder Papierfabrik
Photo: Voith

Voith introduced VForm hydrofoils allowing papermakers decisively improve the quality of all grades of paper already in the wire section.  According to the announcement, comparing to conventional dewatering systems the VForm allows the height and angle to be set for each individual hydrofoil. This increases the activity in the fiber suspension, which in turn leads also to a significant increase in the dewatering capacity.


Dr. Thomas Jaschinski, Global Product Manager at Voith Paper, commented:

“Thanks to this genuine 3-in-1 solution, it is possible to significantly improve the formation, for instance. Moreover, the more homogeneous pulp suspension results in greater paper quality with respect to its strength as well.”

Voith informed that at the Schönfelder Papierfabrik PM 1, three conventional boxes have been replaced by two VForm hydrofoil boxes.

Earlier Voith Paper appointed a new Chairman.

Source: Woodbizforum