Vika Wood sawmill  increased its turnover by 0.8% in 2016

Vika Wood, the Latvian sawmill, generated EUR 59.651 million turnover in 2016. The performance is by 0.8% better than in the previous year. At the same time, the company’s profit reached EUR 2.969 million in contrast to a loss a year ago.

The most revenues were generated in the export markets:

  • Japan – 28.3%
  • Estonia  – 12.2%
  • Germany – 6.9%
  • the UK – 4.5%
  • Lithuania -4.3%
  • Egypt – 3.9%
  • the Netherlands – 3.7%

Around 23% of the revenues of the mill are coming from the Latvian domestic market.

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About Vika Wood:

The company is one of Latvia’s leading, and largest, sawmills with a total annual production of about 280,000 m3 of sawntimber.

Source: Woodbizforum