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  • Välinge Innovation launches its first ever flooring in the US

    Välinge Innovation, the inventor of click-flooring and most known for their innovative 5G® and Threespine® click technologies is now launching its very first flooring product.

    Source: Välinge

    According to the announcement, besides having the 5G® fold down locking system with the waterproof joint 5G® Dry™, the floor is manufactured with the Woodura® surface technology.

    This patented technology is based on fusing a thin sheet of real wood with a wood fiber core through a powder mix layer. The powder mix perfectly fills natural openings of the wood and enhances the wood appearance and in the same operation makes the wood surface extremely durable and strong. Woodura® provides an opportunity to enhance the unique character of natural wood by combining different wood assortments with powder mixes in different colors.

    “We are an innovative company and have over the years put out many game changers on the market for other companies to license, e.g. 2G®, 5G®, Threespine®, 5G® Climb™, Actio2®, our waterproof floor locking 5G® Dry™ and of course the Nadura® and Woodura® surface technologies. For us, creating a product which contains several of our unique innovations, was a natural next step to take. I dare to say that it might be the best work we have done so far, and I and our entire team is extremely proud to finally present our flooring to the US market.” Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge Innovation

    Earlier, Välinge invested in its R&D centre in Sweden.

    About Välinge:

    The company is a world leading R&D and IP company in the flooring industry based in Sweden. Välinge International has about 80 employees who are mainly involved in R&D and customer support.

    Source: Woodbizforum