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  • UAB Juodeliai joins the Chinese Pallet Association

    UAB Juodeliai joined the Chinese Pallet Association in April 2020.

    According to the announcement, its membership, as well as its participation in the association’s activity, will potentially help to gain more insight into the Chinese pallet industry culture, engage in certain decision-making processes, submit recommendations and thus become even more attuned to the clients’ needs with regard to sustainable raw-material supply chain.

    By opening a new production facility housing the world’s fastest short packing elements production line in autumn this year, UAB Juodeliai is ready to become a guarantor of stability for the clients’ supply system. China, one of the largest global economies, proves to be increasingly important for the assurance of development sustainability of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai and helps to promote the name of UAB Juodeliai and of Lithuania around the globe.

    Earlier, UAB Juodeliai started construction of a new pallet production facility in Lithuania.

    About UAB Juodeliai:

    The company specializes in the production of high quality wooden pallets of European standard (EURO pallets), pallets for the chemical industry (CP pallets) and non-standard pallet blanks. The company may assemble single-use non-certified pallets that meet the requirements of clients, as well separate components of conifer and leaf-bearing wood. During the manufacturing process other by-products like firewood, sawdust, and wood slivers are also produced. All company products are FSC® certified (FSC® trademark license No.: FSC-C084311).

    Source: Woodbizforum