Turinsky Pulp and Paper mill restored production after the fire incident

Duplex wallpaper of Turinsky Pulp and Paper Mill
Photo: Turinsky Pulp and Paper Mill

Turinsky Pulp and Paper Mill (Turinsky CBZ) in Russia fully restored its production volumes after the fire incident. According to the announcement, in August 2016 fire destroyed converting line of the mill, it also damaged building of the paper plant and some finishing equipment and the offset packing line.

Currently, the company fully restored production of paper, fiber boards and paper lining products; production of wallpaper is close to the level of the last year. The company is searching for an investor to restore its hygiene products line.

After the incident the government of the Sverdlovsk area of Russia included the mill in the program of the additional measures in the labour market. The mill received RUS 10.4 million compensation within the program of temporary employment for its 589 workers.

About Turinsky Pulp and Paper Mill:

The company is a leading pulp and paper producer and wood processor in the Urals and Siberia region of Russia. Its facilities allow to produce printing paper, wallpaper, hygiene and sanitary paper, fiberboard as well as sawnwood.

Source: Woodbizforum