Tricoya broke ground for the first phase of its wood chip manufacturing plant in the UK

Tricoya groundbreaking
Photo: Accsys

Tricoya Technologies have broken ground for the first phase of construction at the site of the world’s first Tricoya wood chip manufacturing plant in Hull, UK.


The EUR 68 million project is expected to transform wood technology and allow the newly created consortium to commercialise the production of acetylated woodchip.

The new plant is being funded, built and operated by a consortium of companies formed in March 2017 including Accsys Technologies, BP Ventures, BP Chemicals, Mediate and others.


About the Accsys Group:

The group comprises the holding company (Accsys Technologies PLC) and four wholly-owned subsidiaries (Titan Wood Limited, Titan Wood B.V., Titan Wood Technology B.V. and Titan Wood Inc.), which operate under the guidance of a group management team.

Each Titan Wood subsidiary trades under the “Accsys” or “Accsys Technologies” name.


Source: Woodbizforum