Titan Group started selective cutting Northern Dvina-Pinega interfluve in Russia

Group of companies “Titan” informed about start of selective cutting in Northern Dvina-Pinega interfluve by Ust-Pokshenga LPH’s section in the Svetliy (Svetly) village (former timber enterprise “Svetlozerskles”),  located in Kholmogorsk district of Arkhangelsk area, Russia. According to the announcement, the cutting technique involves harvesting mature timber to prevent over-maturing and remove weakened, old or damaged trees to revitalise the forest ecosystem.

Ust-Pokshenga LPH is Titan Group’s logging company. The selective cutting is carried out by Ust-Pokshenga LPH and the section in Svetly on a forest area of over 450 ha, or over 20,000 miles. The total area of selective cutting by Titan Group in 2017 will exceed 4,500 ha of forest land or more than 200,000 m3.

In 2016 Titan informed about start of logging at allowable cut with a total area of 181.7 thousand m3 in Svetly village.

Earlier Titan Group increased harvest of timber in Russia by 13% in January-April 2017.

About Titan:

The company is a diversified holding, which unites around 20 companies, located in Arkhangelsk and other regions of Russia. It is mostly focused on wood production and processing. Titan is a general contractor for timber supplies to Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

Source: Woodbizforum