Titan Group installed a new biomass boiler at its timber and sawmill in Russia

Logging in Arkhangelsk
Photo: Titan

Group of companies “Titan” installed a new bark and wood waste boiler at its “LDK-3” (Arkhangelsk Timber and Sawmill-3) industrial site (belongs to Lesozavod-25 / Sawmill 25 ). The equipment was supplied by Polytechnik Luft-und Feuerungstechnik GmbH (Austria).

According to the announcement, the new equipment is expected to improve quality of the main products simultaneously decreasing production costs for the heating energy and having positive ecological effect. The company’s experience of bark and wood waste use at Tsiglomensk site of Lesozavod-25 allowed to decrease 1GCal cost 10 times, CO2 emission by 21 t/year, NOx emission by 6.2 t/year.

The price of the boiler accounted for RUB 200 million (around USD 2.8 million).


Earlier Titan Group increased harvest of timber in Russia by 12.2% in January-June 2017.

About Titan:

The company is a diversified holding, which unites around 20 companies, located in Arkhangelsk and other regions of Russia. It is mostly focused on wood production and processing. Titan is a general contractor for timber supplies to Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

Source: Woodbizforum