Thien Lam Dat invests into a new MDF plant in Vietnam

Photo: Dieffenbacher

Thien Lam Dat JSC invests into MDF production facility at in Bac Giang, near Hanoi, Vietnam. According to the announcement the company ordered a complete plant from Dieffenbacher. Start-up of the plant is planned for mid-2018.

The core of the plant will be the CPS+ press system. The equipment producer will supply the complete production line, from the wood yard through the strapping and packing line as well as an energy plant.

The raw material for the MDF production will come from Thien Lam Dat’s plantations and will be mostly acacia wood. Start-up of the plant is planned for mid-2018.

Earlier EU and Vietnam formally initialled a Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

Source: Woodbizforum