Sven Ombudstvedt continues as President and CEO of Norske Skogindustrier

Sven Ombudstvedt
Photo: Norske Skog

Norske Skog informed that  Sven Ombudstvedt continues as President and CEO of Norske Skogindustrier ASA by an unanimous board determination.

The board has discussed President and CEO Sven Ombudstvedt’s position following the sale of shares on April 26, 2017. Mr. Ombudstvedt sold his shareholding to dispose of personal shareholder interests in the negotiations for a restructuring of the company.

Earlier Norske Skog decreased profitability and operating revenues in 1Q2017.

About Norske Skog:

The company is a leading producer of newsprint and magazine paper. The company has 9 paper mills around the world.

Source: Woodbizforum