Suomen Puukauppa launched in Finland a new electronic market place for wood


Finnish Forest Industries Federation informed about launch of the open electronic market place for wood – According to the announcement, the  new digital market place is expected to make wood trade easier for forest owners, wood buyers and other forest sector operators in Finland. The service is developed by Suomen Puukauppa Oy, which was founded by all the major players in the forest sector.

Kuutio is owned half-and-half by forest owners and wood buyers. Over 90% of the players on the buyer side are committed to the platform.

Aku Mäkelä, Managing Director of Suomen Puukauppa Oy, commented:

“Kuutio makes wood trade easier than before. It is the most important meeting place for forest owners and wood buyers in Finland, providing all parties in the wood trade a chance to utilise electronic tools in their business. We have over 600 000 forest owners in Finland, a big portion of who are not familiar with their forests and feel that managing the property is strange, difficult and distant. We want to encourage forest owners to take care of their forests. Kuutio brings together all forest-related information, services and professionals in an easy and unified way. Kuutio will improve the transparency and reliability of wood trade. You will always get the right price for wood.”

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Earlier Finnish Forest Certification Scheme achieved PEFC’s endorsement for the fourth time.

Source: Woodbizforum