Sumitomo Forestry opens showroom in Indonesia

Photo: PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia

Sumitomo Forestry (SFC) announced that its subsidiary in Indonesia – PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia, its subsidiary in Indonesia opened Indonesia’s first Sumitomo Forestry showroom in Jakarta on July 24, 2017.

The showroom offers a total design service, from planning to construction of building materials and interior components for homes. Outsourcing all construction as single jobs to affiliated builders that employ Japanese staff, the company is providing a one-stop service with Japanese quality.

PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia imports, exports, and wholesales timber and building materials.

In FY2016 Sumitomo Forestry increased net sales by 7%.

Earlier Sumitomo Forestry sold Alpine MDF Industries in Thailand to Metro-Ply

About Sumitomo Forestry:

The company operates in the areas of management of forests, development of new forestry and environment-related business, biomass power generation, purchase, manufacturing, secondary processing and sales of timber and building materials. Sumitomo Forestry also deals with contract construction, sales, after-sales maintenance and renovation of detached houses and multi-unit residences.

Source: Woodbizforum