Shanying Paper International is acquiring Nordic Paper

Signing ceremony
Photo: Nordic Paper

Nordic Paper signed the cooperation agreement with Shanying Paper International. According to the announcement, Nordic Paper will remain as an independent European pulp and paper company and there will be no changes regarding the business or the operations at the moment.

The acquisition of Nordic Paper holding AB is expected to establish Shanying as one of the Chinese biggest paper and packaging manufacturers with global focus.

Per Bjurbom, Nordic Paper’s CEO,  commented:

“Over the past two years our business has endeavoured to keep cost inflation to a minimum by driving internal efficiency and making targeted investments. However, we face increases over a wide range of input costs which we have accepted to ensure supply stability. Many of these costs have been absorbed but we have to pass on some through higher market prices.”

Earlier Nordic Paper increased greaseproof papers price from September 1, 2017

Nordic Paper is located in Scandinavia and operates in Norway and Sweden. Its four paper mills and two pulp mills are all within 250 kilometres of one another.

About Shanying Paper:

The company is part of Taison Group. It is a China-based pulp and paper producer. Shanying Paper’s core business consists of recycled fibre trading, kraft paper manufacturing, packaging, design, printing and logistics.

Source: Woodbizforum