Segezha is installing and testing new automated production control systems at its pulp and paper mill in Russia

Segezha Group is completing commissioning of a new paper machine 11 at its production site in Karelia, Russia. According to the announcement, the company is currently installing and testing automated production control systems –  Siemens’ controllers based MCS and DCS. The commissioning is expected to be completed at the beginning of September 2017.

The cost of PM11 exceeded EUR 80 million.  The investment completes the second phase of the Segezha Pulp & Paper mill modernization programm. In the third phase, scheduled for 2018, the company will install a new biamass-based boiler to produce steam for the needs of the mill.

Earlier Segezha Group and CAMC agreed to jointly develop added-value wood conversion projects in Russia.

About Segezha Group:

The company is one of the largest Russian forest industry holdings with the vertically integrated structure and a full cycle of logging and added-value wood processing. The holding comprises Russian and European enterprises in the forest, wood processing and pulp and paper industries, as well as paper packaging.  Segezha is ranked: No. 1 in Russia (52%) and No, 2 in Europe (16,5%) for paper sack production, No. 1 in Russia (71%) and No. 4 in Europe in terms of high-quality unbleached sack paper production , No. 5 in Russia and the world’s No. 7 for large-sized birch plywood production, No. 1 in Russia for sawn timber production – 904 thousand cubic meters per year, and No. 1 in Russia for glulam house sets – the volume stands at 25,5 thousand cubic meters per year.

Source: Woodbizforum