Schilliger Holz commissioned a new a glued laminated timber production line in Switzerland

New glue line
Photo: Schilliger Holz

Schilliger Holz commissioned a completely new glue line with a high-quality grading line for cut timber in Haltikon, Switwerland. According to the announcement, the core of the new glue is a rotary press produced by the company Minda in individual production.

In the new equipment, five presses are arranged on a drum allowing to process large orders in a short time. At the same time, with a scanner-based quality grading system and state-of-the-art planing systems the quality of the glue products has also been optimized.


In addition to the investment in Haltikon, Schilliger Holz AG is also strengthening its further processing operations at the Volgelsheim site.

Earlier Swiss media reported a fire accident at Schilliger Holz’s sawmill.

About Schilliger Holz:

The company operates sawmills in different locations of Switzerland and France the company also runs a high-capacity further processing industry with kiln dryers, planer mills, glulam plants, panel plants and a pressure treatment plant.

Source: Woodbizforum