Sappi Europe rebuilds a paper machine at its mill in Belgium

Sappi Europe plans to rebuild paper machine 8 (PM8) at its Sappi Lanaken Mill in Belgium. According the announcement, currently the machine is producing lightweight coated (LWC) paper grades will be rebuilt to also produce lightweight and high-quality woodfree coated paper grades. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for 2019.

After the rebuild PM 8 will be producing lightweight coated paper grades in the dimensional weight of 115 g/m². The mill has a total capacity of 530,000 tonnes/year.

The company placed an order with Valmet for modifications to stock preparation and pulp bale de-wiring system, paper machine, air systems and major changes and improvements in the automation systems. The paper machine modifications include rebuilds in the forming section, press section, dryer section, and coating section, a new sizer, calender and reel. The re-reeler will be relocated. Automation delivery includes quality management system, machine and process control systems, as well as web inspection system. All the equipment will be delivered with installation.

The engineering company values orders of this type typically around EUR 60-80 million.



Earlier Sappi Europe increased prices for its woodfree sheets and reels from October 2017.

About Sappi:

South African Pulp and Paper Industries (Sappi) Limited was founded in 1936. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg. It is focuses on commodity paper products, pulp, chemical cellulose and forest and timber products for Southern Africa and export markets. In 2013, it was reported as the world’s largest producer of dissolving wood pulp.

Source: Woodbizforum