Sappi Europe increases prices for Woodfree papers from June 15 , 2017

Sappi Europe announced a further price increase for its Woodfree papers (WFU/WFC) from June 15 , 2017. The company explains the step with a need to compensate a sharp increase of the raw materials prices, particularly pulp.

According to the announcement, to recover the increased raw material costs sufficiently, a total price rise of a minimum of EUR 70 per ton or equivalent currency from 1Q2017 price levels will be necessary.

Earlier Sappi Europe invested into a paper machine rebuild at its Maastricht production mill in the Netherlands.

About Sappi:

South African Pulp and Paper Industries (Sappi) Limited was founded in 1936. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg. It is focuses on commodity paper products, pulp, chemical cellulose and forest and timber products for Southern Africa and export markets. In 2013, it was reported as the world’s largest producer of dissolving wood pulp.

Source: Woodbizforum