Pinnacle Renewable Energy joined Alberta Forest Products Association in Canada

Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) announced that as of July 1, 2017 Pinnacle Renewable Energy had joined the Association.

Pinnacle Renewable Energy is a manufacturer of wood pellets with seven manufacturing facilities in Alberta and British Columbia and shipping capacity through the Port of Prince Rupert. The company’s new plant at Entwistle, in Parkland County, represents an CAD 85 million investment in Alberta’s economy.

Paul Whittaker, President and CEO of the AFPA, commented:

“I am very pleased that Pinnacle has chosen to join our Association. Their investment in Alberta will help to diversify the economy and create jobs. Additionally, Pinnacle manufactures a sustainable product that makes use of residual materials and provides customers around the world with an environmentally-friendly heating solution.”

According to the announcement, the manufacturing of wood pellets is a growing business in Alberta. Pellets make use of residual materials from the manufacturing of lumber. These residuals typically include bark, sawdust, and other parts of a log that are unsuitable for lumber production. By utilizing these materials for pellets, the forest sector helps to achieve maximum value from the resource and eliminate waste.

Pellets are shipped to customers in Asia and Europe, where they are principally used as a source of heating for industrial and utility applications. While today over 84% of global pellet production is consumed in Europe, there is a rapidly growing demand for wood pellets in Asia. Pellets have a far lower carbon footprint than traditional fossil fuel heating sources. Since regeneration of areas that are logged is required by law in Alberta, wood pellets are regarded as being a fully renewable energy source.

Earlier AFPA elected Fred Dzida as a Vice-Chair of the Association’s Board of Directors

About Alberta Forest Products Association:

It is is a private, non-profit industry organization, representing forest products companies operating in Alberta.

Source: Woodbizforum