PEFC opened public consultations for national forest certification systems endorsement in Cameroon, Canada and Uruguay

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) opened public consultations for Cameroonian, Canadian and Uruguayan national forest certification systems endorsement.

According to the announcement, Cameroon  submitted its national forest certification system to PEFC for the first time. If successfully endorsed, Cameroon will join Gabon as one of the countries leading the way for the certification of sustainable forest management practices in the continent. The deadline for comments is July 9, 2017.

For Canada and Uruguay, this is the third and second time, respectively, that the countries have applied for endorsement by PEFC. The deadline for comments on both these systems is July 3, 2017.

Earlier PEFC informed that two new members joined  PEFC International Board.

Source: PEFC / Woodbizforum