Latvijas Finieris expects to increase revenues by 10% in 2017

Latvijas Finieris Group reported EUR 213.4 million turnover in 2016, which is 9% higher than in the previous year. The company reach the highest result in its history with sale of 260 000 m3 of birch plywood.

The company believes that in 2017 its investments in the production capacity will support further 10% increase in turnover. From 2014 to 2021 Latvijas Finieris is implementing EUR 300 million investment program. Until this moment, the company invested EUR 124 million (52 million euros in 2016).

Earlier Latvijas Finieris Group opened  a new birch plywood mill in Estonia.

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About Latvijas Finieris:

The  company focuses on the development, manufacture and sales of birch plywood. It is also active in forest management, logging and production of synthetic resin and phenol films.

Source: Woodbizforum