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  • Koskisen plans to invest in a new sawmill in Finland

    Koskisen group is planning an extensive sawmill investment in Järvelä, Finland. The intention is to make the investment decision during 2020, and the new mill would start operations in 2022.

    Photo: Koskisen

    According to the announcement, the planned investment is valued around EUR 35–40 million. The new sawmill annual capacity is 365,000 m³. The new sawmill will also clearly improve productivity and yield by new equipment and digitalisation solutions. The investment will enable the utilisation of a broader range of log diameters in sawmilling, which will lead to larger volumes of wood being used in applications that sequester carbon for a longer period of time. After the second phase, annual production can be ramped up to 500,000 m3.

    The planned investment is expected to increase Koskisen’s export revenues by around EUR 40 million a year. A significant part of this growth will improve well-being in the Päijät-Häme region through the payment of salaries, wood purchases and the use of contracting services.

    The investment project will involve moving the sawmilling operations next to finishing and further processing, 4 kilometres away from the current location. This will create synergies in production and significantly reduce the emissions from the sawmill’s internal logistics.

    “Sawmilling is a key part of our Group’s core business and the backbone of our raw material supply. Sawmills pay two thirds of forest owners’ stumpage revenues, employ 25,000 people in their value chains in Finland, operate using almost exclusively domestic inputs and are carbon negative. In addition, sawn timber is one of Finland’s most important export products. Improving the competitiveness of sawmills is paramount not only for Koskisen Group, but also for the forest sector and Finland’s national economy as a whole.” Jukka Pahta, Koskisen’s CEO

    For the project to become reality, additional studies are still required in areas such as improving the infrastructure conditions in Järvelä, obtaining the environmental permit and securing financing.

    Koskisen is building a local partnership network for the investment project. Berater, a construction management consultancy firm, Sitowise, which is in charge of preparing the environmental permit application, and the LAB University of Applied Sciences have already joined the network.

    Earlier, Koskisen appointed Tom-Peter Helenius as the new Director of Koskisen’s Panel Industry

    About Koskisen Group:

    The company is a family business committed to wood.  It operates in the areas like plywood production, sawn timber, housing industry, birch products industry, chipboard industry, wood procurement and biofuel. At the end of the year, the Group had 1,057 employees, of which 120 worked abroad.

    Source: Woodbizforum