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  • KAMA is hiring at FBB production line in Russia

    OOO “CBK KAMA” and OOO “KAMA Karton” need more than 50 new employees for its production site in Krasnokamsk in Russia.

    According to the announcement, the extra personnel is needed at the newly established production of FBB (Folding Box Вoard) targeting the import substitution.

    The company also expects to export around 50% of the production.

    Earlier, KAMA Karton invested into a new bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp (BCTMP) and stock preparation lines in Russia.

    About KAMA:

    The company is one of the most high-tech companies in the pulp and paper industry. It has a production capacity of  85kt of paper per year.

    Source: Woodbizforum