KaiCell Fibers plans to cooperate with CHTC Group to build the first Arbron plant at its bio-products mill in Finland

KaiCell Fibers signed a Collaboration Agreement with CHTC Group from China. according to the announcement, the agreement is a follow-up to, and extension of, a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parties in China in October 2016.

CHTC Group is a leading producers of textiles and wood based viscose. It has divisions for engineering, machinery manufacturing and viscose production.

Jukka Kantola, KaiCell Fibers’s CEO, commented:

“We are progressing entirely according to our plan, and we are pleased to have taken this step to strengthen our joint commitment to build the first Arbron plant at the KaiCell Fibers bio-products mill in Paltamo. We benefit from a world-class pool of expertise that now extends all the way from the forests of Finland to the world’s biggest textile market in China.

Through this collaboration between fully committed partners we will be able to speed up the process and remain on target for 2021 start-up.”

China is the world’s biggest viscose producer with almost 4 Mtpa output.

Earlier KaiCell Fibers appointed a new CEO and a Director of Strategy.

About Kaicell Fibers Oy:

The company is a development establishment of the Regional Council of Kainuu and NC Capital Partners Ltd. New partner, a local agricultural and forestry foundation, joined to the company in spring 2016. The mission of the company is to find investors and to create high pulp processing for Kainuu’s softwood.

Source: Woodbizforum