Kährs Group will supply wood flooring to Ikano Bostad’s projects in Sweden

Kährs Group, a world leading manufacturer of wood flooring and PVC-free resilient flooring, signed an agreement to supply wood flooring to the property developer Ikano Bostad.
Under the agreement, Kährs Group will deliver wood flooring to Ikano Bostad’s new construction projects and renovation projects in Sweden over a period of three years. Deliveries under the new agreement will start during July 2017.

Christer Persson, President and CEO of Kährs Group, commented:

“We are delighted with this new partnership with Ikano Bostad, an expanding property company in Sweden with a clear focus on sustainable living. Kährs Group has had a good development on the Swedish wood flooring market and through the agreement with Ikano Bostad we further strengthen our leading position in the project market in Sweden.”

Earlier Kährs Group and Södra agreed a multi-year sales contract for oak logs supply in Sweden.

About Kährs Holding:

The company is a world-leading flooring manufacturer in hardwood and resilient flooring with a number of strong brands in its product portfolio, including Kährs, Karelia and Upofloor. Kährs Group, which delivers products to more than 70 countries, is the market leader in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia and holds a strong position in other key markets, such as the UK and Germany. The Group has approximately 1,600 employees and annual sales of EUR 300 million.

Source: Woodbizforum