Jianhui Paper rebuilds its paper machines in China

Jianhui Paper contracted Voith and Voith Paper, Huazhang Technology for a rebuild of the headboxes and shoe presses of existing paper machines.

According to the announcement, under the contract, Voith Paper has been commissioned to rebuild the headboxes and shoe presses of Jianhui PM 3 and PM 4. The rebuild is expected to provide an increase in production capacity of 10 to 15% and a considerable improvement of the paper quality, such as an improved grammage profile and boost in paper formation.

About Jianhui Paper:

The company specializes in manufacturing high-grade single-coated duplex boards and environmentally friendly kraftliner, boasting world-leading production capacity. It occupies an area of 480,000 square meters and is situated within the No. 1 Industrial Park in Huangchong Village, which is part of the Dongguan town of Zhongtang.

Source: Woodbizforum