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  • Jiangsu Oji Paper in China to remain closed till June

    Oji Holdings Corporation, a leader in the pulp and paper industry of Japan,  announced that its subsidiary Jiangsu Oji Paper Co., Ltd. will implement the number of measures in order to respond to the temporary and sudden decrease in demand for paper and pulp in China.

    According to the announcement, the Jiangsu Oji pulp facility is currently shut down due to facility maintenance and will remain so until early June. 

    The production suspension will result in a reduction in production volume amounting approximately for 100,000 tons. Despite the circumstances, Oji will do its utmost to prevent any inconvenience to customers and others related parties, and sincerely appreciates your continued understanding and patronage.

    According to the announcement,

    In FY ended March 31, 2018, Oji Holdings decreased operating income by 0.8%.

    Earlier, Oji Holdings and ISHIZUKA GLASS announced cooperation in paper container-related business.

    About Oji Group:

    The group is a leader in the pulp and paper industry of Japan.

    Source: Woodbizforum