Interfor elected as directors all proposed nominees

Interfor announced that all director nominees listed in the information circular for its Annual General Meeting, were elected as directors. The nominees were:

  • Duncan K. Davies
  • Paul Herbert
  • Jeane Hull
  • Peter M. Lynch
  • Gordon H. MacDougall
  • J. Eddie McMillan
  • Thomas V. Milroy
  • Gillian Platt
  • Lawrence Sauder
  • Douglas W.G. Whitehead

Earlier Interfor announced restart of a sawmill in South Carolina, USA after extensive flooding in the area.

About Interfor:

The company is a lumber producer with operations in Canada and the United States. It has have an annual production capacity of 2.6 billion board feet and offer one of the most diverse lines of lumber products to customers around the world.

Source: Woodbizforum