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  • Ilim Group receives the Legal Source European certificate in Russia

    Ilim Group, Russia’s leading pulp and paper company, received the Legal Source European certificate. The certificate confirms that Ilim exercises due diligence at all timber sourcing stages and that its products are compliant with all European requirements.

    The certificate allows Ilim to sell its products in the European market in accordance with EU Timber Regulation without any additional confirmation of the legal sourcing of the fiber used in the production process. 

    The Koryazhma Forest of Ilim Group has obtained the Legal Source certificate driven by the Company’s focus on the European markets.

    According to the announcement, Ilim  is the first company is Russia with the Legal Source European certificate.

    “As a leader of the forest industry in Russia, Ilim continuously strives to use global best practices. Ilim is determined to expand its exports to Europe with the Legal Source certificate being an important stage which will help the Company achieve this goal. Moreover, this certificate is as an additional confirmation of Ilim’s reliability and transparency of all its processes from timber harvesting to products delivery to end customers.

    Over many years, we have built a long-standing partnership with our European suppliers and certification in accordance with the European standards will enhance trust between us and allow our traders to reduce the costs related to confirmation of the legal sourcing of the fiber used in our production process.” Kseniia Sosnina, Ilim Group CEO 

    Earlier, Ilim Group received PEFC chain of custody certificate in Russia.

    About Ilim Group:

    The group is the largest pulp and paper company in Russia. Its business assets are located in the Leningrad, Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions, those are the largest mills in the Russian forest products industry accounting for more than 70% of the total pulp production in Russia and 20% of the Russian board production. The annual pulp and paper production volume of the company totals more than 2.96 Mt, it employs 17 thousand people.

    Source: Woodbizforum