Holzindustrie Schweighofer delisted 2 wood suppliers in Romania

Holzindustrie Schweighofer (HS) informed about desisting of two companies from its supply chain. According to the announcement, the company’s dedicated compliance team analyzed 33 cases of possible irregularities in wood supplies reported by media between November 2016 and April 2017 and found 2 companies  clearly braking HS’ criteria.

HS does not harvest trees itself. To ensure that only logs destined for harvesting reach the company’s mills, it requires its transporters to participate in the GPS tracking system “Timflow”.

Dan Bănacu, General Manager of Holzindustrie Schweighofer Romania, commented:

“In mid-January 2017 we publicly presented a comprehensive action plan for a sustainable timber industry in Romania. One of its key measures is to immediately investigate all possible irregularities that might affect our supply chain, also those that come to our attention via media reports, and to draw the consequences. Following this principle, we have taken the decision to delist two suppliers that did not
comply with HS’ standards.”

The Schweighofer Group owns 14,666 hectares of forest in Romania in the areas around Hunedoara, Gorj, Valcea, Prahova, Buzau, Vrancea, Neamt and Suceava.

Earlier Holzindustrie Schweighofer took steps to protect primary and old growth forests in Romania.

About Holzindustrie Schweighofer:

The company is a part of the Schweighofer Group. The group is active in the areas of wood industry,viscose pulp production, bio-energy production, forestry and real estate. Headquatered in Austria, Holzindustrie Schweighofer started operating the first sawmill in Romania in 2003 and since that time became a leading company in the European wood processing industry. It employs around 3,100 employees at six locations in Austria and Romania.

Source: Woodbizforum