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  • Follow-up of the recent Virtual International Fiberboard Industry Conference and Exhibition

    With over 200 registrations, the first AWAVirtual™ International Fiberboard Industry Conference and Exhibition was a success. With speakers and visitors from all over the world, the virtual setup was a practical alternative to the physical conference originally scheduled, but which had to be pivoted to an AWAVirtual event due to COVID-19.

    The program, hosted by AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ Fiberboard Industry Consultancy Services, focused on “Fresh perspectives on the wood based panel industry and end-user driven innovation”.

    At the conference Maurice Wassen, Business Development Manager at AWA’s Fiberboard Industry Consultancy Services announced that the 2020 Fiberboard Market Study was also ready for publication – and even more focussed on providing in-depth data to inform decision-making at every level of today’s extended supply chain.

    A timely work of reference on a fast-moving global industry, the study not only features capacity listings for all global MDF and particle board mills, but also provides a detailed overview of the fiberboard industry across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and the Americas.

    With the conference, this study, and their consultancy services, the FICS team are offering a growing and focused market intelligence platform for the world of fiberboard.

    Source: AWA / Woodbizforum