EPRC set up 74% target for the paper recycling rate in the EU by 2020

The European Recovered Paper Council (EPRC) set up a new target of 74% for the paper recycling rate in the EU by 2020. According to the announcement, the EU  reached a near theoretical maximum of 71.5% recycling rate in 2015.

Ulrich Leberle, Secretary of the EPRC/Raw Materials Director at CEPI, commented:

“Having already achieved an effective recycling rate of 71.5%, the European paper recycling value chain is willing to go a step further with a new 74% target. This elevated rate will play an integral role in boosting the circularity of Europe’s economy.”

In order to achieve the new target, the following key conditions must be met:

  • On waste targets, there should be a landfill ban on recycled paper in place by 2020 and the Waste Hierarchy should be implemented with energy and renewable energy policies taken into full consideration.
  • The EU should ensure that conditions are in place to allow for effective separate collection of paper and take action against countries where comingled collection is practised.
  • Exports of paper for recycling outside the EU should be curtailed and aligned in a manner that an increase in the collection of paper is higher than an increase in the net trade of paper for recycling.
  • European and national authorities should avoid conflicting product-related policies that prevent paper being from being recycled.
  • The current practice in which Member-States calculate their recycling rates based on different methods should cease in favour of an aligned EU-wide method, allowing for comparable and real calculation.

The organization believes that with these conditions in place, the entire value chain can achieve the revised target and move it a step further.

Earlier the European Recovered Paper Council had been renamed the European Paper Recycling Council.

Source: Woodbizforum