Eastland Port (New Zealand) reported 8.5% increase of wood exports in FY2017

Eastland Port in New Zealand exported 2.5Mt of products in FY2017 – an 8.49%increase on last year.

Matt Todd, Eastland Group Chief Executive, commented:

“Eastland Port is New Zealand’s third largest and most efficient log export port in New Zealand, with an average of 11,600 tonnes of wood loaded each day. Beyond 2018, volume will continue to grow and around 5 million tonnes of export product is expected per year, and we’re ensuring the port is ready by investing NZD 96 million over the next five years.”

Eastland Port recorded 223,693 tonnes throughput of logs in April , 2017.

Earlier Eastland Group’s chairman decided to not reappoint

Source: Woodbizforum