Duratex expanded biomass share in its energy matrix to 52.5% in Brazil

Photo: Duratex

Duratex reported achievements in reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases from its activities. Accordign to the announcement, in the last five years, the company achived the following developments in the area:

• 28% reduction in direct emissions of greenhouse gases;
• Consolidation of 73.2% of its energy matrix from renewable sources, such as biomass, ethanol and biodiesel;
• Expansion of biomass share in its energy matrix to 52.5%;
• Reduction of consumption of fuel oil, derived from petroleum, which now represents less than 3% of its energy matrix.

For the year 2025, the company plans to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

About Duratex:

The company is a leading producer of laminate flooring and in sanitary ware and porcelain. It also operates in the furniture and construction markets. The company is the largest producers of industrialized wood panels and sanitary metals in the Southern Hemisphere.

Source: Woodbizforum