CENIBRA invests into a new pulp production facility in Brazil

CENIBRA’s pulp mill in Belo Oriente in Brazil
Photo: Valmet

CENIBRA invests into a new 500ktpa pulp production plant at its mill in Belo Orient, Brazil. According to the announcement, the company placed an order with Valmet for the bleaching plant, equipped with modern TwinRoll press technology. Start-up is scheduled for April, 2018.

The new equipment will replace an old, vacuum filter technology based, plant dated from 1977.

The bleach plant renewal utilizing the most advanced existing washer technology, is part of CENIBRA’s project for fiberline modernization.

Róbinson Félix, Industrial Director and Technician of CENIBRA, commented:

“Along the years, CENIBRA has searched the balance between the production activities and environmental performance, always looking for the process improvement of pulp production through implementation of environmentally sustainable projects and technological innovations, as this new bleaching plant.”


The company is one of the biggest world producers of bleached eucalyptus pulp (hardwood). Its annual production totals around 1.2Mt, more than 90% of them are exported. CENIBRA operates in 54 municipalities of Minas Gerais state. Since 2002, the company produces only ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) pulp.

Source: Woodbizforum