Canfor Corporation increased operating income before amortization margin to 15% in 1Q2017

Canfor Corporation reported 5.5% inecrease of sales in 1Q2017 comparing with 1Q2016 indicator. The company’s sales totaled CAD 1,126.2 million in the quarter generating operating income before amortization (OIBA) of USD 169.1 million (15% margin).

In 4Q2016 Canfor Corporation decreased operating income before amortization to 13%.

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Earlier Forest Practices Board reported audit’s results of Canfor’s Tree Farm Licence.

About Canfor Corporation:

The company is an integrated forest products manufacturer, located in Vancouver,  British Columbia (BC) with operations in BC, Alberta. It also operated in the U.S. in North and South Carolina and Alabama. Canfor produces primarily softwood lumber, and also produces bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp and specialized wood products. Canfor also owns a 50.4% interest in Canfor Pulp Products Inc., which is one of the largest producers of northern softwood kraft pulp in Canada and a leading producer of high performance kraft paper. Canfor shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol CFP.


Source: Woodbizforum