CalAg invests into a new a a new rice straw-based fiberboards production mill in the US

CAD rendering of the CalAg plant layout
Picture: Sicoplan

CalAg invests into a new a a new rice straw-based fiberboards production facility in Willows, California, USA. According to the announcement, the company invests more than USD 315 million into CalAg the new unit, which will produce 200,000 m³ of fiberboards annually following the startup of the plant scheduled for the end of 2018.

Siempelkamp will plan, build, supply, install, and startup the entire machine technology for the Willows location.

The core component of the future production plant is a 9th Generation ContiRoll ® press. The ContiRoll® will feature a variable press width of 8 – 10’ and a length of 35.4 m. The finishing line will include a diagonal saw (rip-cut saw) which will cut exclusive sizes for Columbia Forest Products, one of the largest US-American suppliers of wood-based products and main purchaser of the fiberboards. Next to the sanding and stacking lines, a fully automatic storage system with warehouse vehicles and base carrier is also part of the scope of supply.

The order includes the complete preparation technology for rice straw bales with bale twine remover and shredder by Pallmann, a 100 % daughter company of Siempelkamp, as well as a cleaning system for the straw to remove coarse materials and dust. Pallmann also supplies two refiners for the fiberizing of the rice straw. These refiners are equipped with horizontal digesters, a design typical for annual plants, to prevent material bridging. The cleaning system for separating silicate components from the fibers is a design specially developed by Siempelkamp and designed to process rice straw.

The natural gas fiber dryer designed for a material throughput of up to 32 metric tons/h bone-dry is supplied by Siempelkamp’s subsidiary Büttner. So are the energy plants needed for steam and heat generation. The front-end technology for fiber and mat preparation is supplied by the Italian subsidiary CMC. A special resin blending system with a turbo mixer will be used. This high-speed mixer processes isocyanate PMDI in a procedure developed by Siempelkamp.

Rice straw, as raw material, is available in large quantities in North America. The US is one of the 20 largest rice producers in the world, ranking in eleventh place behind Japan. The main cultivation areas include the states of Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and California.

About Calag Llc:

The company is focused on building materials segment. It is located in Willows, California, the US.

Source: Woodbizforum