Blue Lake Power restarts its biomass power plant in the US

Blue Lake Power announced plans to restart its 12 MW biomass plant located in Blue Lake, California in the US in July 2017. According to the announcement, the facility is a biomass power-generation unit designed to burn wood, create steam and operate a turbine to generate electrical power.

The company is currently securing short and long-term supplies of high-quality fuel for ongoing operations. Under its operating permit, the plant may burn fuel consisting of untreated wood including sawmill hog fuel, shavings, bark, branches, cull logs, tree tops, off-spec and waste lumber, skids, yard waste, walnut shells, similar woody agricultural waste, shredded lumber, woody materials from hazardous forest areas, etc. The facility may not accept treated or painted materials. The facility requires approximately 175 highway loaded chip vans of fuel per week.

About Blue Lake Power:

The company is a wood fired steam generation plant producing electricity for sale. It is located at the northwestern part of California within the County of Humboldt and is about 20 miles northwest of Eureka, the County seat, in the City of Blue Lake.

Source: Woodbizforum