AltaiLes ordered front-end lines for its new MDF production mill in Russia

Holtec-AltaiLes contract signing
Photo: Holtec

AltaiLes ordered a complete front-end for its new state-of-the-art MDF production line in Russia with Holtec. According to the announcement, Holtec supply’s supply includes Holtec Vario-Barker with 2 sections as well as a Holtec NYBLAD disc chipper with a disc diameter of 2,800 mm and 800 kW drive capacity.

The mill will be also equipped by Siempelkamp’s machinery.

About AltaiLes:

The company unites 16 wood processing units, located in Altai region of Russia. Its major business areas are: wood protection and forestry management, logging, development modern production facilities for deep processing of wood. AltaiLes employs more than 4 thousand people.

Source: Woodbizforum