Södra aims to be fossil-free by 2030

Södra accepted the challenge from Fossil Free Sweden to achieve fossil-free transportation by 2030. According to the announcement, the company have already been taken some steps towards the aim: several Södra facilities only use fossil-free hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) in their work vehicles.

The fossil-free sustainability target means that Södra must achieve fossil-free production by 2020, and fossil-free transportation by 2030. The company has also endorsed the declaration for A Fossil Free Sweden.

Henrik Brodin, Project Manager for “A Fossil-Free Södra”, commented:

“Fossil-free and climate-positive operations are high on Södra’s agenda. It is only natural, therefore, that we sign up for the challenge from Fossil Free Sweden and we hope that many others will do the same. As a player in the green economy, we want to help drive the change to a fossil-free society. Our operations can offer so many social benefits in the transition to a bioeconomy, which is why we are continuously seeking opportunities to deliver tomorrow’s solutions”

Earlier Södra announced a price increase for its NBSK pulp in Europe.

About Södra:

Södra is the economic association that unites more than 50,000 forest owners in southern Sweden. The Group’s three business areas are production of sawn and planed timber goods, interior products, paper pulp and biofuel. In recent years Södra has also become such a large producer of electricity. It employs 3,500 people in areas that range from forestry management and environmental conservation to accounting, sales and product development.

Source: Woodbizforum