Nalchikskiy Milk Factory re-launched its dairy lines in Russia in Elopak’s cartons

Elopak informed that Nalchikskiy Milk Factory, the leading dairy in the Kabardino-Balkaria republic of Russia, had re-launched its Chaban and Novaya Derevnya line in Pure-Pak® cartons. Both new packages for the Russian dairy were launched onto the market in December 2016 following a major equipment upgrade.

Dinara Urmancheeva, Marketing Director for Nalchikskiy Milk Factory, commented:

“Following the advice of Elopak we installed a new S-PSF70UC filling machine from Shikoku. The new ultra-hygienic machine has high productivity which has increased capacity and improved the level of quality and safety of products, which in turn increases shelf life.

We are the first producer to implement and introduce the innovative Pure-Pak® Sense carton in Russia. The carton’s main advantages are improved easy-touse functionality, and its special easy-to-fold feature which helps reduce food waste, and promotes recycling. The Pure-Pak® Diamond carton has the additional edge with the Curve corner panel. Both packages create a new, modern shape and provide convenient packages that are easy to open and store, and easy to recycle. We are delighted to be the first in Russia with the highly functional and attractive Pure-Pak® Sense carton”

Alongside the technology upgrade, Nalchikiskiy has upgraded its packaging with the introduction of the waste saving Pure-Pak® Sense carton and the attractive Pure-Pak® Diamond carton with the Curve corner panel.

Nalchikskiy Milk Factory runs a dairy business in the Kabardino- Balkaria Republic of Russia. The company was founded in 1998 in collaboration with German company Trubatec, the leading European company of the construction of dairies. The plant is a high-tech, modern enterprise established for the production of natural and delicious dairy products.

Earlier Elopak informed that Centrale del Latte d’Italia will introduce the company’s carbon neutral cartons.

About Elopak:

The company is an international supplier of paper based packaging solutions for liquid food. Based in Norway, and wholly owned by the Ferd Group (one of Norway’s largest privately owned industrial groups) Elopak is continually developing its expertise to match changing demands for packaged food.

Source: Woodbizforum