Japan Pulp and Paper Company establishes a representative office in Vietnam

Japan Pulp and Paper Company (JP) announced the establishment of a new representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in addition to the existing office in  Hanoi.

According to the announcement, the company sees the growth of apparel and other manufacturing and processing industries in the country. Due to stable economic growth and an increasing population, the consumption of paper and paperboard is also expanding. In addition to its exports from Japan and the trilateral trade it conducts with Vietnam, JP operates a recycled household paper manufacturing business through group company, JP Corelex Vietnam.

The decision has been conducting market research in the south of the country through the representative office of another of its subsidiaries, JPP Far East (JPPFE), in Ho Chi Minh City. The new representative office will integrate the functions of the existing office operated by JPPFE. By collectively managing its economic and market research activities, JP expects to strengthen the group’s structure throughout Vietnam and work to identify further business opportunities in the country.

About Japan Pulp and Paper Company:

The company is focused on import and export, sale, distribution and manufacturing of paper, paperboard, pulp, paper-related products, plastics, paper-related machinery and bio-mass energy resources.

Source: Woodbizforum