Grupo Gondi rebuilds paper machines and expands its production capacity in Mexico

Photo: Bellmer

Grupo Gondi  announced rebuilds of PM2 at (Empaques Modernos Guadalajara) EMG and PM2 at EMSP (Empaques Modernos San Pablo). The goal for both projects will be to increase production as well as to improve the finished product quality, in line with the expectations of an increasingly demanding market.

To achieve these targets, the company placed an order with Bellmer for supply of two new headboxes for EMG. The equipment supplier will also improve the machine efficiency and production by rebuilding the press, drying and reeler sections. In addition, a new “state-of-the-art” winder will be installed to ensure the finishing section is prepared for the new production and quality requirements.

At EMSP, the rebuild of PM2 will involve the supply and installation of a TurboShaker for the bottom wire, a press section including a shoe press, new drying section, a FilmSizer, an automatic reeler, as well as several auxiliary systems related to the paper machine itself.

The projects are expected to add 90,000 tons of extra production capacity to the group.

Earlier WestRock and Grupo Gondi created paper and packaging JV in Mexico

About Grupo Gondi :

The company operates ten production sites that hold six paper machines, seven corrugated packaging plants and four modern high graphic folding carton plants with pre-printing capacity.

Source: Woodbizforum