Glatfelter upgrades production capabilities of its electrical and glassine paper products in Germany

Glatfelter announced that in 2017 it will complete investment program at its Ober-Schmitten facility in Germany. According to the announcement, the company will finalize the upgrade of the production capabilities to meet highest market requirements for the electrical and glassine paper markets.

Mattis Gosmann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Composite Fibers Business Unit, commented:

“The most important focus for Ober-Schmitten remains outstanding quality and continued customer satisfaction. The facility will fully leverage Glatfelter’s relationship with Dreamweaver International, an advanced technology company with competencies and intellectual property for electrical products.”

Glatfelter Ober-Schmitten is located near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Its production competencies include sophisticated technical papers for a wide range of electrical applications including capacitors used in consumer and industrial products; insulation papers for cables and transformers; materials for industrial power inverters; electromagnetic current filters; and electric rail traction.

Earlier Glatfelter  increased quarterly dividend to USD 0.13 per share on its outstanding common stock.

About Glatfelter:

The company is a global manufacturer of specialty papers and fiber-based engineered materials, offering over a century of experience, technical expertise and world-class service. U.S. operations include facilities in Spring Grove, PA and Chillicothe and Fremont, OH. Its international operations include facilities in Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Philippines. It also has sales and distribution offices in Russia and China. Glatfelter’s sales approximate USD 1.7 billion annually.

Source: Woodbizforum