EACOM completed acquisition of Anthony-EACOM in Canada from Canfor

Power Joist®
Photo: EACOM

EACOM Timber Corporation completed the purchase of Anthony-EACOM shares from Canfor Corporation.

Anthony-EACOM manufactures and distributes Power Joist® – a high quality solid flange I-joist. Previously it was a 50/50 joint venture between Canfor and EACOM. The engineered wood mill is located in Sault Ste. Marie, in the Province of Ontario, Canada where EACOM also owns five softwood lumber mills.

Kevin Edgson, President and CEO of EACOM, commented:

“‘We have had great partnerships with Anthony Forest Products and later Canfor to operate Anthony-EACOM. It’s now important for EACOM to secure assets that will contribute to the Company’s resilience and this acquisition is part of EACOM’s growth strategy.

We proudly welcome Anthony-EACOM and its employees to our asset base. Power Joists® will add to the variety of quality wood products offered to our customers.”

The change in ownership will result in the transfer of over 50 employees to the management of EACOM.

Earlier EACOM completed the installation of a new Lumber Grading system in the Elk Lake planermill in Canada.

About EACOM Timber Corporation:

The company is a major Eastern Canadian wood products company formed in 2008. Its operations include the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of lumber and wood-based value-added products, and the management of forest resources. EACOM currently owns seven sawmills (five in Ontario, two in Quebec), a remanufacturing facility (Quebec), and a partnership operation in an engineered I-joist plant (Ontario) for a total of 1000 employees.

Source: Woodbizforum